Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program

"Resilience and Response of Organisms to Environmental Change"

The REU Program is a ten week summer internship combining independent research with activities to promote career development and science communication skills. Interns will investigate diverse questions on organismal responses to the environment at the individual, population, community, and species levels. Up to 10 fellowships will be awarded through support from the National Science Foundation and the College of Charleston School of Sciences and Mathematics.

As of summer 2022, the Fort Johnson REU program will no longer be operating and this page is now an archive of activities over three decades.

The Fort Johnson summer research program operated more or less continuously since 1992 and with NSF support since 2000.  We are grateful for so many years of generous funding, dedicated mentors, and terrific students who went on to success in graduate and professional programs as well as diverse careers!

Please visit the links on the sidebar to learn about past student projects and publications. 

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2019 REU group shot

     2019 Fort Johnson REU Interns at the South Carolina Aquarium